Tibbs, Inc was established in January of 2000 as a locally owned and operated small business, offset printer. The original name of the company was Dustine E. Tibbs Printing and Design which was changed in 2002 to "Tibbs, Inc. A Printing and Design Company" when we incorporated. In May of 2004, during the process of trying to expand our company's printing capabilities, ABC Graphics Screenprinting and Embroidery went up for sale. Without hesitation, Tibbs, Inc. purchased ABC Graphics and joined the two companies together as one.

ABC Graphics was a well established company that had been successfully run for fifteen years. However, to better personalize the Screenprinting business to our own standards of quality and craftsmanship, we decided to drop the ABC Graphics name and create the image of Tibbs Tees Screenprinting & Embroidery.

Although these two are separate companies that print on two entirely separate platforms, we are successfully running them side by side. The idea is that both companies tend to go hand in hand, both creating a printed product with YOUR logo/information on it. It is our goal to be able to help you cut out excess time and hassle by providing you with one-stop shopping.